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IMP.ELECTRIC has been designing and installing electrical systems since 1985.
Our expertise and our operational policies are attentive to both local and European safety and specific regulations, and make us your reliable partner for all your projects: from domestic solutions to the most complex industrial installations.

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System design


IMP.ELECTRIC can count on both an in-house technical office - staffed by fully qualified, experienced and authorised systems engineers and professionals - as well as independent, specialised and authorised engineering design studios. In turn, this allowed the company to remain up to date from both the technical and the regulatory points of view, and carry out a wide range of activities, including design and sizing of primary and secondary electrical distribution systems, lighting systems, regulatory testing and certification of plants and systems using advanced equipment, as well as design of "ready to build" systems.


lavori realizzati

IMP.ELECTRIC executed a wide range of prestigious civil, commercial, and industrial projects, offering tailor-cut and advanced solutions in each situation.
For a sample of these project, please see the Gallery.

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